Vision,Mission and values

  • Vision

Providing our students with world-class academic skills and competencies in addition to allow all students access to their personal excellence. 

  • Mission

To provide a high-quality educational program with international standards for students through the application of international curricula and attract the expertise and educational experience in addition to the application of the educational technology

  • Values
  • Raising students’ awareness of the importance of maturity along with discipline that qualifies them to be distinguished leaders and active members of society.
  • Provide opportunities to realize their full potential in learning, and promote Islamic culture and principles.
  • Develop self-confidence, optimism, respect for others based on the principle of peaceful co-existence.
  • The pursuit of excellence, punctuality, and the work hard to promote a competitive spirit.
  • Granting the students lifetime skills, such as admitting problems, facing their troubles, solving their issues, accepting the other even though he or she is different, working in a team or leading one