The school applies the American diploma K12. The school year is 8 months divided on four terms. Students get tested by the end of each term. After passing G.12, students obtain the American diploma certificate.

Starting G.10, a student can apply for the pre SAT as a trial attempt; however, a real score is counted starting G.11 with SAT 1 and then SAT II or SAT subjects for those applying for scientific faculties. Those are external exams that are organized by the College Board in USA.  Saudi students can apply for GAT and Qeyas at the National Center of Education.

SAMIS is underlying the Saudi ministry of education framework and calendar; we apply the national curricula along with the international ones.

At the beginning of each quarter, students get all the educational plans that tell them all about what to study, pages, HW, activities…etc. students should have a folder that contains all their paperwork. There are weekly assessments to measure the students’ progress.